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Why Bother
 It is for now as much as the future.

What is Enlightenment

Breaking out of the cycle. It is the end of everything that is not perfect. It is perfect peace, free of suffering.

Buddhists try to reach this by following the Buddha's teaching and by meditating. Meditation means training the mind to empty it of all thoughts. when this happens what is important comes clear.

What are some Precepts (morals)?
These are rules to live by. :

  • Do not take the life of anything living.
  • Do not steal
  • Try to be considerate to others.
  • Do not lie
  • Do not confuse your mind with alcohol or drugs.

What is Karma?
Karma is the law that every cause has an effect, i.e., our actions have results.  Buddhists believe that  past actions have an effect on who or what we are in our next life.

Are There Different Types of Buddhism?
There are many different types of Buddhism, because the emphasis changes from country to country due to customs and culture. Some are vegetarian, some eat meat. What does not vary is the essence of the teaching — the Dhamma or truth.