Driving Morgan Motor Cars


My First Morgan

 Plus 4 Flat Rad

TR2 Engine


After 10 years from ordering they started building my second one

Morgan Plus 4

Paint Shop 1993

Morgan Plus 4

I  have noticed that driving the Morgan gives more smiles per mile than any other car.

Kids particularly relate to it (I must have  looked like Noddy driving his car), and everybody can see it is fun to drive.
You don't have to be mad to drive a Morgan but it helps.
You drive it because it handles like no other car in the world.

There are many faster sports cars and now even ordinary looking cars too exceed 120mph.

Modern cars don't bang and rattle and groan over imperfections in the road like a Morgan.

There are few cars that you can feel come alive and be at one with when they hit their stride.
For absolute excitement and a major adrenalin rush remember to wear a pair of comfy, big and wide Clarks shoes.

When you come up to a junction you will accidentally hit both the brake and the accelerator together...very exciting !

After waiting ten years for my Morgan I managed that particular little trick , the day I collected it from the factory in Malvern and approaching traffic lights.
Remember no power steering here, brakes as heavy as a pre-war lorry and the famous Morgan suspension. Run over a coin and you can tell if it is heads or tails, remember to spit occasionally to ensure you are not haemorrhaging internally.

When you come to a sharp bend a bit faster than you intended to, panic, then pull frantically at the wheel you are always safely round it.
They become part of the family and there are very few second hand Morgans for sale.

My second Morgan was sold in 2007 and now lives in Yorkshire. This was due to back problems and a comfy car with at least some suspension system on it was bought.

Morgan 2003

Morgan Sold 2007

2 Seater

Mercedes V6 Petrol