How it used to be in photography.


Photographs used to have scratches,dust marks, fingerprints, discoloration.



This was the RAF C130, Hercules at RAAF Townsville, Queensland and over 40 degrees.

I had to go out  to Northern Queensland in January 1975 to fix it as it had been grounded and stranded there with a technical fault for 3 weeks.

I flew out there First Class on British Airways. Once I had fixed it my status immediately changed and I flew back on it as freight status.

I made sure I didn't fix it too quickly and had a couple of weeks away from Winter in England.

Journey back was first to  Darwin which was devastated by Cyclone Tracy.

Next the  exciting approach into Kai Tak to the checkerboard on Tiger Rock and nervous landing. RAF Kai Tak, Hong Kong we had a stay for 2 days. The Tiger Balm gardens was a visit.

Next was RAF Masirah (an island off the East coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea) overnight again there in the Mess and arriving back into Lyneham, Wiltshire to minus 5 degrees.

When I got back there was another Hercules grounded in Goose Bay, Canada at minus 25 degrees but I escaped that one.



Unusual houses built on stilts in Townsville, QLD. I tried to walk to the top of the hill but failed as it was above 40 degrees.

I called into a bar and bought a beer and poured it into the thickly walled polystrene cup they gave me. This caused much amusement to the locals as they explained it was not for drinking out of. I had never seen a stubby holder before.

I had also never seen rain descending in a solid sheet for only a few minutes until then. An hour later everything was dry as dust again.

Cyclone Tracy, January 1975,      

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