The Beech 18

I remember in the 1950's seeing, but more importantly hearing,  a Twin Engine Piston Aircraft flying into Northolt Airport.

As I was an aircraft spotter anorak at the time  I knew it was a Beechcraft 18, Twin Pratt & Whitney Wasp Radial Engines

I have enjoyed doing a considerable amount of research into this classic aircraft


Beech 18 in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Some Video Clips from YouTube

Sight and Sound 1

Sight and Sound 2


Aircraft Restoration Company Duxford

A Restoration at Bruntingthorpe UK.

Concerns on the Wing Spar

Beech 18 Pictures

Beechcraft AT-11 & SNB-1 Kansan

Some differences  between models of the Beech 18

Vintage Aircraft

Beechcraft Heritage  Museum  Tullahoma  TN USA